Juan Orphee is a senior Flight Dynamics lead at NASA Marshall Space Flight Center. Juan joined NASA in 2013 as a flight dynamics engineer analyzing vehicle separation dynamics for NASA Space Launch System. Juan used his flight dynamics experience to work on the challenging problem of attitude control of solar sail propelled missions, including the Near Earth Asteroid Scout mission, currently ready to launch onboard NASA’s Space Launch System rocket, and the subsequent Solar Cruiser mission, under development. Subsequently, worked in the area of Guidance Navigation and Controls (GNC) on NASA robotic landers, such as NASA VIPER lander concept, as well as with NASA commercial lander partners like MATEN, Astrobotic and Moon Express, under NASA CATALYST program. Using this experience with lunar landers, Juan currently helps NASA identify areas of risk, especially associated to landing humans safely on the moon in my current role as GNC Discipline Lead for the Human Landing System (HLS). In this role, I focus on understanding the NASA’s partners landing performance, and any technology gaps, that enable lunar precision landing and hazard detection and avoidance for the extreme light/shadow conditions found on lunar polar regions.