Dr. Dean Eppler is a retired NASA geologist with more than 40 years in geology operations and research in NASA's Astromaterials Research and Exploration Sciences Division, where he integrated exploration mission operations plans into requirements for future surface exploration science systems, including field geologic training for NASA's Astronaut Corps. In addition, he worked in advanced EVA suit and tool design, developing EVA system requirements for planetary surface EVA, and testing suit concepts for advanced planetary EVA. Dr. Eppler was NASA’s lead advanced space suit test subject from 1997-2007, with more than 250 hours in the Mark III pressure garment conducting field and laboratory tests. Since retirement, Dr. Eppler has worked with the Aerospace Corporation, applying the historical lessons of Apollo to plans for Artemis, and evaluating science missions for future lunar exploration, including exploitation of lunar resources. In addition, Dr. Eppler is a member of the Science Advisory Board to Blue Origin.